18 Weeks of “Salvo” Operations. 165,741 Angels of Heaven, Sent Back To The Afterlife (100322; End of 2022-Q1)

Translation: 18 weeks of YT Shorts and Friday 10-minute Videos, plus bonus Monday/Wednesday Posts.
BDA (Battle Damage Assessment to Follow)

  • 300 Videos
  • 300 Subs
  • 1 sub per video average
  • 18 Weeks / 6 Months (Since October 2021-Q4); Spooktober into March 2022-Q1

And exactly one year ago, I replaced my E595 Writing-Only ThinkPad with the Lenovo Legion 5 Pro.
In two months, I would debut as a VTuber and streamer, utilizing it as a test to verify its suitability as the advertising/marketing arm of the HKSF Novel Series / The Masked Parapriestess Debut Novel.

Endeavour Unto Victory.

WELCOME TO SINGAPORE (Apex Legends Best Highlights | VTuber)

Singapore is supposedly the MOST SWEATY Apex Legends Server. Is that true? I don’t know.

Just another Tuesday for the Maggie Memers. Winner winner, Hainanese Chicken Rice Dinner!

GOLD-IV BABY! (Nasi Goreng Ayam Next Week! I promise.)

Teammates: HIA Majors ShibaOscar & MushSoup (Now suffering in Platinum XD) https://www.twitch.tv/mushsoup__

Edited by: Mee-Nerva Help Me Get A Small Kickback for Chicken Rice and Coffee!

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=== About Me & Lore ===

Minerva is a Next-Generation English Indie VTuber & Aspiring Author based in Southeast Asia (ASEAN Region/Singaporean-Filipino), with high hopes of hitting the New York Times Bestseller list with her debut novel titled: “The Masked Parapriestess (EN)” / “Kamen no Para’Miko (JP)”.

She is the High Commander of the Hellion Intelligence Agency (HIA). As such, she is a long-native citizen of the Nine United Provinces of the Hellion Empire and resides in the eighth province of Fraud, and is an ex-citizen of Old Heaven.

Motto: ”Nine Provinces, Two Queens, One Nation.”

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  • Monitor: Dell SE2417HG LED Full HD/1080p 24″
  • Chassis: Lenovo Legion 5 Pro (16″) Gaming Laptop
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800H 8-Core 16-Thread
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 8GB DDR6
  • RAM: Dual Channel 32GB DDR4 3200MHz
  • Storage: x2 1TB M2 NVME SSD
  • Mechanical Keyboard: Keychron K1 v4 Blue / Logitech K845 Brown
  • Mouse: Logitech G103 Prodigy / G304 Wireless
  • Voice: HyperX SoloCast w/NVIDIA Broadcast
  • Face Capture: Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam
  • VSeeFace
  • Ringlight
  • Streaming: OBS StreamControl BetterTTV

Attack On Titan: The Exhibition ( Singapore ArtScience Museum / Pic Dump / Cleanup Required)

=== About Me & Lore ===

Minerva is a Next-Generation English Indie VTuber & Aspiring Author based in Southeast Asia (ASEAN Region/Singaporean-Filipino) following the virtual Youtuber & Streamer phenomenon, with high hopes of hitting the New York Times Bestseller list with her debut novel titled: “The Masked Parapriestess (EN)” / “Kamen no Para’Miko (JP)”.

===== Excerpt from the Exhibition Description: =====

Featuring over 150 artworks by Hajime Isayama ranging from the manga’s earliest days to the present, the exhibition will also showcase new pieces that have not been displayed anywhere else in the world, alongside drafts and sketches from his archives. Step into Isayama’s sprawling dystopia and experience an immersive battle sequence set in the Great Titan Theatre as well as displays of Titans, characters and objects from the manga.

===== About the Museum: ===== Designed by renowned architect Moshe Safdie, the lotus-inspired ArtScience Museum has been called “The Welcoming Hand of Singapore” by Mr Sheldon Adelson, the chairman of Las Vegas Corp.

Masked Parapriestess DevOps (050322 – 223+ Days Since Resignation from Redacted)

n my dream, I was in an endless river; almost drowning. I came upon a great treat long dead, lit ablaze by a stroke of lightning. We ran as the dead branches fell upon us. Then I stood being clothed in obsidian crying: “I have held back for 3 long years, now I can be selfish.”

  • 6660 words officially. 10,473 unofficially–but the balance are
    “cancelled/on-hold words/subplots/lore dumps that can be reused in future”.
  • Only wrote 260 words after waking up and dealing with today’s upload. Gonna call it early today and lie in bed with my phone playing random videos. Happy TGIF.
  • I guess my costumes… I mean RTX Models are like my Thumbnails and my Drafts. They used to be very bloated and have become streamlined and simpler over the years. Art imitates life and life imitates art; as it should.
  • I’d audition once more, but the literal writing on the wall says I must deploy by this year. Also the RTX / Face Reveal deployed 1 year early; so I am pretty much locked into this “final sprint”.
  • Tactical vs Operational. Terms/meanings:
  • Study; Antagonist 1 is dangerous on a tactical level
  • while Antagonist 2 is dangerous on a operational level
  • Sadge moment. That naval roster I made last year is useless
  • since I am re-focusing on the main character. Oh well, for future use I guess.
  • My current videos are bad, but it’s unavoidable. I have to defend my writing days.
  • 90,000 words of “stable” international-grade storytelling is the hardest mission I have endeavoured to undertake till this day.
  • Throneless v2.5 ETA 29 Days. Thursday 31st March 11am EST / Friday 1st April 12am GMT +8

Was a heavy week of writing for me, and no streams but my protagonist is free of the “development hell” that was the naval base battle. Managed to move onto 2 landmarks/locations and move the story forward. To my subs, I apologize; will get back on track ASAP next week.

On the brighter side, multi-domain operations ensure that if one “battalion” is “offline”, the line is still held by other “battalions”. x3 10-Minutes were also deployed this week unaffected.

Twitch Chat Helps Me Make New RTX GOTHIC Strike Variants Part 01: WAR-Drobe/Cosplay Update 2022-Q1 (23-02-2022)

On Wednesday 230222, I asked chat to assist me in building additional RTX Gothic Strike Forms for:

  • Days 2 & 3 of any Future Subathon
  • Or future book signing/live panel apperances, should my book be a success
    and the pandemic tones down

New Costume Chassis will arrive in March and will be deployed and field tested in April 1st.

THRONELESS v1.75 – RTX EDITION (Live Acoustic | VTuber Original Song | FACE REVEAL)

I apologise for the scuffed’ness. I was very nervous and forgorr to turn off the background stream music.

Spotify Album Link of Actual Song Done by Private Contractors: https://open.spotify.com/track/0FWUP7…

Chat Cared More About My Face Reveal Than My Keyboard (22.02.2022)

Hey Chat. My keyboard is down here. Stop looking at my eyes.

Keyboard: Logitech K845 with Brown Switches (S$57 Fire Sale)
Keycaps: Plastic Keycap Set XDA Profile (was S$29 Pre-Chinese New Year)
Purchased from Shopee.

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