The WORST VTuber HAND REVEAL of 2022 (Dareu EK871 Mechanical Keyboard with Shimmer XDA Keycaps)

The FPS Typeracer POV made my neck hurt; glad to have a very chill just chatting with the MERCs on the first Friday of 2022, while doing up my writing keyboard for Draft-06??

Keyboard: Dareu EK871 Bluetooth Wireless Mechanical 71-Key Keyboard (S$89)
Keycaps: Shimmer Keycap Set XDA Profile (was S$17 on 12:12, now up to S$35)

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Project: sudo nym_ph (End of WY2020/21)

I did not expect to pivot into this community, but I am glad I did even though I did it as a half-assed joke at first.

I’ve met so many people outside of Singapore and it really feels like I’ve opened a window to another world.

But now for 2022, I have to finish “My World”…

[Priority] I will be away for the transition into the next earthen solar cycle. Matrix 4 today w/”The Healers”. Away after for 3 days of “Hellion High Command Banquets”. WY2022/23 Plan: Twitch Streams: Friday/TGIF 7:30PM (GMT+8) Youtube 10’minuters: Saturday/TGIF 1AM (GMT+8)

8 Years of Writing (27.11.2021)

THANK YOU, HIA for serving alongside me in the everlasting counterinsurgency operation against the Kingdom of Heaven.

  • 8 years of Drafting the HKSF Novel Series.
  • 24 years of Espionage Operations here on Earth.
  • 6 months as a VTuber.
  • Endeavour Unto Victory.

STRIKE Minerva II (Project Code: SM2 | Gear by YUHEI)

POV: There’s a bounty on your head, and Minerva needs the bread.

STRIKE Minerva II (Project Code: SM2)
Powered by YUHEI (BOOTH)

If the HIA is losing the fight, Minerva shall settle the score herself.
ENGAGE and DESTROY, High Commander.
For The Greater Freedom of All Mankind.

AAR 16.11.2021 (SM1 >>> SM2 Upgrade):

Based on the previous STRIKE MINERVA (2020/21)

Outfit by YUHEI

YUHEI tactical collection “Forefront”【All Colors】