Tower of Fantasy Review in 9 Minutes | Should I Play It? | (Yes, they have motorcycles!)

Note: First 5 Hours of Gameplay ONLY | Character Creator is very POG

I recommend Tower of Fantasy for people who are looking for something new, but familiar to Genshin Impact. It is no “killer”, but it’s a comfy ride. The character creator gives you a personal investment to the story and the motorcycle makes exploring less of a pain in the behind with travelling around the whole map.

0:00 Intro Like Skyrim
0:17 Spending Lots of Time in the Character Creator
1:00 First Story Combat and Weapon Upgrades
3:17 Introduction to the Gacha Mechanics
5:37 SSR Character / Weapon Pull
6:15 Mini Boss 1
7:25 Motorcycle / Vehicle Mechanics
8:11 Dungeon Boss
8:39 Final Thoughts / I’ll be streaming this every now and then

Other VTubers’ Characters:…

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8 Years of Writing (27.11.2021)

THANK YOU, HIA for serving alongside me in the everlasting counterinsurgency operation against the Kingdom of Heaven.

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“Dr Mudan and his Secret Service go camping.” (Artwork by MyIceCubes)

“Dr Mudan and his Secret Service go camping.”

I wanted this moment immortalised. The End-Spooktober Phasmophobia Collab with @MudanTV.

Thank you, @Myicecubes for making my draft into your design, as you have with our collab in Roblox The Mimic.