Transgender Secret Messages in『COLORs』- 荒木哲郎 × SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:Hata Motohiro】/TOHO animation ミュージックフィルムズ

The storyline of this animation. It’s almost as if Tetsuro Araki, Hiroyuki Sawano,
WIT Studio read the innermost, forbidden parts of my mind.

同 一人牛勿 (Same person?)

The story is about a girl who likes this guy that crossdresses. 0:16 you’ll see the guy and then they shift towards what he looks like with makeup. 0:23 is when the girl sees him on a date with another guy. 0:32 shows a notebook asking (Same person?) with likewise to a changed name of the guy and girl persona with slightly shifted names. It’s sort of hard to tell what the names were shifted to. 1:30 you see the guy working out not wearing the makeup as well to confirm it all. 1:50 He’s talking to some person in a cafe we can assume is a government official. 1:56 we see this phrase that means (Wish! Special Cadre substitute life) Or we can assume it probably means that they’re trying to wish the boy a transition towards military service since near the end he walks to the military people as he saves the girl at the end.

祝!特別幹部候補生 (Wish! Special Cadre/Officer substitute life)

Rhythilin·13 days ago

I got the same feeling of freedom when I did my RTX Subathons. Though, I wonder if one day, it could be done outdoors…?

When I performed, streamed and slept in my RTX Costume. I really wished in those small 72 hours of time, that I was born differently. But I still have my pride and make do with what I am given–until the bitter end. If things were different. I move on, mercilessly in spite of.

CONTENT SCHEDULE: Feb 2023 (Week 03), 13th-19th

(All Timings in GMT/UTC +8)

Main Channel: 🎥minerva-youtube

  • ATV River Drive Near a Volcano (Friday 9pm)


  • Honkai Impact 3rd – Kiana update (Thursday 8pm)

Extras Channel: 📼minerva-extras

  • Tomica Type 16 MCV Unboxing (Thursday 8pm)
  • Halo Reach Memepost (Friday 10pm)

Some Notes:

  • I have uninstalled Tower of Fantasy due to lack of interest & time
  • Health Update: My EEG Results will be out on the 24th of Feb

WIP Main Channel (January thru March / Q1):

  • Casio Illuminator Showcase (Next Friday 9pm)
  • Hiatus for the rest of March

— Delayed to Q2 —

  • A SUSSY Video
  • Pen Review
  • Costume Shopping

— Delayed to 2024 —

  • Room Tour (I want to do it with my RTX Model)

WIP Extras Channel (January thru March / Q1):

  • Casio DW-291 Unboxing (Next Thursday 9pm)
  • Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan S3 Mistakes (No ETA)

— Delayed to Q2 —

  • Operation Hourglass EP01 (Voiceover WIP)

Masked Parapriestess Original IP (Anime ED) Progress:

  • Full Line Art Progress: 1 out of 4 Characters (25%)
  • Veralisa (Vee) ✅
  • Belladonna (Don) ❌ (Arm Issues)
  • Evangeline (Eva) ❌ (WIP)
  • Chrysah (Rys) ❌
  • Deadline End-Q1-2023 (Delayed/Extended into Q2)
  • Illustration Phase 02 (Full-Coloured): Delayed to 2023-Q3
  • Live 2D Animation Phase 03 (Finalisation): Delayed to 2023-Q4
  • Voice Acting and Music Video Production: Delayed to 2024++

How YouTubers & VTubers (Content Creators) can learn from The Menu (Movie Review) | Obsession versus The Love of Cooking (and Art for Content Creation)

THE MENU speaks to me on a spiritual level for 2023.

– How many of us have chosen to make the:

– $1250 Breadless Bread Plates without a smile for an audience with money

– versus the $9.50 Traditional Cheeseburger with a smile for yourself–the same one when we first started out

Devin Nash has called this: “Manufactured Content”.

See this link: Devin Nash’s words on Non-Mainstream, Controversial Content for Growth (why I need to push for uploading GCE X-Levels & Behind The VTuber) – Minerva Marie-Sagan (

Versus creating content for yourself; making something you yourself wants to be seen out in the world.

See “The MrBeast-ification of Youtube” by Pinely for more.

And if anything, let’s all avoid being an armchair “expert” like Tyler, who idolises and records everything daily, but learns nothing due to the lack of daily execution; practice.

Lest we end up making “bullshit” when we are finally put on their spot.

And owning a PacoJet, like buying expensive equipment that the industry pros own.

“buying production equipment and paying editors; investing in your business by buying thousands of dollars and stuff I say investing in your business, it’s a form of procrastination” – Devin Nash

Relevant Videos:

My Parallels with Denis Villeneuve? Obsession; glory before 30 years old. Feature film before 30 / Debut Novel before 30.

Sicario. Bladerunner 2049. Dune.

“I was obsessed with making a feature film

26:43 before I was 30 years old, to make a first feature film as young as possible,” Villeneuve explained. “I did it too quickly. I felt like I was doing things upside down. I was

26:53 more obsessed by the idea of defining my identity as a filmmaker instead of just enjoying the

26:59 act of making a movie for other people. I had a more narcissistic approach. I thought to myself, ‘I need to go back to school. I need to learn how to write movies, how to

27:07 direct actors.’