My 1st Charity Stream, 300 Subs Milestone & Draft-06AX Run (End Q1-2022 | Ukraine Crisis: Project Hope)

I’m not big or anything, but it’s no excuse for me not to act or turn a blind eye. Even if it means 6 days out of my 365 days of the year. We raised 335 USD, which is 454.33 Singapore Dollars which is 129 plates of Chicken Rice(Lunches). Even though the ASEAN region is unaffected geographically by the situation in the EU, this crisis has affected the global economy regardless of borders.

Primary Goal: $100
Secondary Goal: $277

Of course, this is nothing compared to some of my close viewers/VTubers who live in Estonia and Latvia; who are on the very border of NATO; considered hostile by the Superpower in question.

I will avoid saying much on the military situation and politics, but I am for “independence” due to my upbringing here, and my nation’s history of being overshadowed by its bigger neighbours during the Cold War; and largely thankfully, in Southeast Asia, with the exception of Vietnam and Myanmar, the situation has remained “relatively stable” expect for sudden changes in government(s) in Malaysia and Thailand.

Even then, a certain other superpower exerts and tests its force in a certain sea, and is expected to act in the 2030s and beyond in “retaking” a “lost” territory, much like how a current superpower sees Ukraine as a lost territory from its former glory.

Regardless, of what the politicians and military decide the humanitarian crisis has already begun in Europe and will last indefinitely. I do my part; it would be unfair for me to care so much about the OSINT data of military victories and care not for the civilians who’ve already lost since Day 1.

Special Thanks to the chat regulars for making this channel’s first charity stream a success.


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During the 2 weeks, the YouTube Channel has also hit 300 Subscribers, but the Endeavour Unto Victory continues–1000 subs and watch time to unlock monetisation and whatnot.

Streaming on YouTube was also tested for the last 2 days of the Charity Drive, but in my opinion, the features on YouTube are still very bare minimum; “Like being in a desert with one hand tied to my back”. Viewership is more or less the same; so perhaps I will consider rotating it for “vanilla games” like Fortnite and Apex, to “rope in” outsiders.

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Of course, the ultimate gamble is STILL Draft-06 for the Masked Parapriestess, hopefully done by the end of the year and then searching for a literary agent in 2023 (market health dependant).

Current Progress: 8451 words total. (Maximum of 90/100,000 words)

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