[Original Song MV] Bells of Bakkanal (Piano) – VTuber Novel | A “Draft MV” for The Masked Parapriestess Original IP, a book I plan to publish as a VTuber. (Written and Composed by Me)

The final version in 2023 will have Live2d, voice actresses and narration. Please look forward to it.

A reminder that this is A DRAFT of what is planned for next year.
I still need to get the Live2D done and hire x4 VAs and x1 narrators.

  • Veralisa (Vee)  Completed (Preview Uploaded on Blog)
  • Coloured Illustration & Live2D Animation: Deadline Revised to 31st August 2023
  • Voice Acting, Game Trailer & Music Video Production: Revised to November & December 2023
  • Belladonna (Don), Evangeline (Eva), Chrysah (RYS); SCRAPPED due to time critical demands

Veralisa Sindile

“Because I live, the memory of Bakkanal lives.”

— Parapriestess Veralisa Sindile, Callsign ‘Six’,
Church of Special Intelligence, Force 136

Veralisa Sindile is an Ussean female parapriestess of the Church of Special Intelligence, and former conscript of the 137th Vanguard.

Page under construction.

Full NameVeralisa Sindile
Hometown(Redacted), USSEA
(Era of Orphans)
Species4th Generation Mankind (4G-Human)
Rank(s) / TitlesCorporal (2240/41)
Parapriestess (2242)
Affiliation(s)137th Vanguard (Formerly)
Church of Special Intelligence (Active)
NationalityUssean True Citizen
(Original Native/Red ID Card)
OccupationVanguard Cross-Bearer (Former)
Parapriestess (Current)
Equipment(s)UAR-23 Assault Rifle
USURPER Railgun Pistol
ONI Operations Helmet
FOX Relay Module
CAT Relay Module
Favourite Food:Chicken Rice (Southsea-style)
Favourite Drink:Hot Coffee (Morning)
Iced Coffee (Afternoon)