[P1 Notice] Partial Disclosure of 2022 “Earnings” for deterrence against future accusations of underpayment from previous or current hired artists and/or freelancers (12-Mar-2023)

As seen in this picture, despite 3 Subathons and Twitch Affiliate, I earn under 6000 SGD per year for what I do.

Everyone who I have hired, past and present, I am already paying for, to the best of my abilities and budget.
This disclosure is to deter accusations down the road that I have “underpaid” freelancers–should I ever… “reach the top”.

And also for people who be like: – “why did you stop subbing / why are you ignoring my subathons/patreons/throne wishlist” or you know, whatever unrealistic expectations that have been set upon me from 2021-2022

I initially had a planned video series where I talked about money, but I think it’s best that I keep my operations opaque until I get a book deal… So anyways, you can guess how much I’ve “earned” in 2022 from this document here.

Full-time Aspiring Author.

Part-time VTuber.

[Original Song MV] Bells of Bakkanal (Piano) – VTuber Novel | A “Draft MV” for The Masked Parapriestess Original IP, a book I plan to publish as a VTuber. (Written and Composed by Me)

The final version in 2023 will have Live2d, voice actresses and narration. Please look forward to it.

A reminder that this is A DRAFT of what is planned for next year.
I still need to get the Live2D done and hire x4 VAs and x1 narrators.

  • Veralisa (Vee)  Completed (Preview Uploaded on Blog)
  • Coloured Illustration & Live2D Animation: Deadline Revised to 31st August 2023
  • Voice Acting, Game Trailer & Music Video Production: Revised to November & December 2023
  • Belladonna (Don), Evangeline (Eva), Chrysah (RYS); SCRAPPED due to time critical demands

[DevOps] Q4-2022 Opener, HKSF Anime ED 01, Art Draft & Sketch (CAA061022)

Behind the scenes / Music Video Expected for 24th September 2022 using the “Stripped Version”.
**Video delayed to November 25 at 9:00 PM (GMT +8), due to health reasons and migration to YouTube.

[Art Updates 031022] For The Masked Parapriestess Book 01, Anime-Style ED, featuring “Bells of Bakkanal” is out on Spotify right now. (Phase 02 – Illustration / Venus Rui)

**Eva’s pose was revised for synergy

[DevLog] The Masked Parapriestess “Anime-Style ED01 End Credits Song” Phase 01 Completion (CAA09Aug22)

Behind the scenes / Music Video Expected for 24th September 2022 using the “Stripped Version”.
**Video delayed to November 25 at 9:00 PM (GMT +8), due to health reasons and migration to YouTube.

Continuation and finalization of Phase 01 from “this previously pinned post“.
  1. Bells of Bakkanal Draft_ver:210622
  2. Minerva Marie-Sagan (@HKSFMinerva)
  3. HKSF Novel Series, The Masked Parapriestess, Anime ED01 Project

Ring the bells of Bakkanal, the lost sheep will come home
Against the forces of hea’n and hell, the demon stands alone
With the power of angels and the saints; the lost sheep reclaims her throne

Years ago, under stormy night,
Seventy-seven souls lost from god’s all-sight
Wom’n of God, dressed in all-white
Sold them for power with~out contri~te

And rang the Bells of Bakkanal, her villagers heard and saw
But bribed and crooked was the law, the demon met death’s claw
All the king’s and all the queen’s men, couldn’t put Bakkanal back together again

Made her name on earth and sky,
Rumours ‘cross the Aardanian Night.
Bloody crown of cross and thorn,
Upon the altar she was lost and reborn
Heart of Steel and Tainted Cross
Bearing the burden of false peace’s cost

O’ring the bells of Bakkanal, the lost sheep HAS come home
Last of slain, vanished house, she banished Satan’s spouse
So, hark the herald, Archangels sing:
“Long Live the Para’priestess… Mercenary Queen…”

Written and Composed by Minerva Marie-Sagan
  • Pronunciations:
  • Bakkanal = Back-Canal
  • Aardanian = Are-Day-Nee-Yen

Written and Composed by Minerva Marie-Sagan for the Masked Parapriestess Debut Novel

With assistance from:


  • Stripped Version Music Video (24-September-2022)
  • Live2D Full Mixed Version Music Video (20-May-2023)

Behind the Scenes MV for the Stripped Version of Bells of Bakkanal will be scheduled for 23-September-2022 / Evening (Phase 01-EX)

Full-Body Artwork by @Ruin Penelot delayed from September to October (Phase 02)

Live2D Scheduled for Dec’22 or 2023-Q1 due to scheduling/timeline availability. Music Video will be slated for May-2023 if so, as it needs to sync with me finishing the book. (Phase 02-EX)

Phase 03-EX 1st April 2023 [Classified Deception Operation]

📚masked-parapriestess updates: / 💰investment-bureau

About the Project:

The Masked Parapriestess is a planned debut fantasy novel by penname and virtual youtube (vtuber) Minerva Marie-Sagan, and the Music Video projects serve as a support to the project as a whole.

The Masked Parapriestess Original Soundtrack Updates (CAA300722)