【MV】VILLAIN – Julia Wolf (Lyrics) | VTuber 2nd Anniversary ( @HKSFMinerva )

2 Years Ago, I trod the path of content creation and fell down the VTuber Rabbit Hole…

You been all bark, you can’t pull these all-nighters

Livin’ in the dark, workin’ on the vision

Pop off so quick, you think I tricked the system, um

[P1 Notice] Partial Disclosure of 2022 “Earnings” for deterrence against future accusations of underpayment from previous or current hired artists and/or freelancers (12-Mar-2023)

As seen in this picture, despite 3 Subathons and Twitch Affiliate, I earn under 6000 SGD per year for what I do.

Everyone who I have hired, past and present, I am already paying for, to the best of my abilities and budget.
This disclosure is to deter accusations down the road that I have “underpaid” freelancers–should I ever… “reach the top”.

And also for people who be like: – “why did you stop subbing / why are you ignoring my subathons/patreons/throne wishlist” or you know, whatever unrealistic expectations that have been set upon me from 2021-2022

I initially had a planned video series where I talked about money, but I think it’s best that I keep my operations opaque until I get a book deal… So anyways, you can guess how much I’ve “earned” in 2022 from this document here.

Full-time Aspiring Author.

Part-time VTuber.

“Slime Blob Minerva” by Kaobnir (Donation Reward)

DIY Anime Mouse Pad Fanart by GrandeXuan

If you want to make your own, here’s the PNG.


Make sure the image is a “PNG with Dimensions of 2826 x 3416”