【MV】VILLAIN – Julia Wolf (Lyrics) | VTuber 2nd Anniversary ( @HKSFMinerva )

2 Years Ago, I trod the path of content creation and fell down the VTuber Rabbit Hole…

You been all bark, you can’t pull these all-nighters

Livin’ in the dark, workin’ on the vision

Pop off so quick, you think I tricked the system, um

[P1 Notice] Partial Disclosure of 2022 “Earnings” for deterrence against future accusations of underpayment from previous or current hired artists and/or freelancers (12-Mar-2023)

As seen in this picture, despite 3 Subathons and Twitch Affiliate, I earn under 6000 SGD per year for what I do.

Everyone who I have hired, past and present, I am already paying for, to the best of my abilities and budget.
This disclosure is to deter accusations down the road that I have “underpaid” freelancers–should I ever… “reach the top”.

And also for people who be like: – “why did you stop subbing / why are you ignoring my subathons/patreons/throne wishlist” or you know, whatever unrealistic expectations that have been set upon me from 2021-2022

I initially had a planned video series where I talked about money, but I think it’s best that I keep my operations opaque until I get a book deal… So anyways, you can guess how much I’ve “earned” in 2022 from this document here.

Full-time Aspiring Author.

Part-time VTuber.

[Original Song MV] Bells of Bakkanal (Piano) – VTuber Novel | A “Draft MV” for The Masked Parapriestess Original IP, a book I plan to publish as a VTuber. (Written and Composed by Me)

The final version in 2023 will have Live2d, voice actresses and narration. Please look forward to it.

A reminder that this is A DRAFT of what is planned for next year.
I still need to get the Live2D done and hire x4 VAs and x1 narrators.

  • Veralisa (Vee)  Completed (Preview Uploaded on Blog)
  • Coloured Illustration & Live2D Animation: Deadline Revised to 31st August 2023
  • Voice Acting, Game Trailer & Music Video Production: Revised to November & December 2023
  • Belladonna (Don), Evangeline (Eva), Chrysah (RYS); SCRAPPED due to time critical demands

“Slime Blob Minerva” by Kaobnir (Donation Reward)