CONTENT SCHEDULE: Mar’23 (Week 04), 20th-26th, GMT+8

Main Channel: Honkai Impact 3rd CHAPTER 35 PHASE 3 (Saturday 9pm)
Extras Channel: Army Open House 2022 & Honkai Impact Clips (Any day 9pm)

WIP Main Channel (March / End-Q1):

  • Unboxing HoYoFest 2022 x Honkai Impact 3rd Acrylic Stand (Delayed)
  • Some plans were delayed due to the release of “Da Capo” Acoustic Cover (Honkai 3rd)

WIP Extras Channel (March / End-Q1):

  • Army Open House 2022 Clips (Staggered w/Shorts)
  • Last Year’s RTX Minerva Apex Legends Tier List (Postponed)
  • Something Hilarious I discovered…? (Postponed)

Masked Parapriestess Original IP & Debut Novel
Anime ED Project & Live2D Character Banner Project

Full Line Art Progress: 1 out of 4 Characters (25%)

Deadline: End-Q1-2023 (To be revised and extended)

  • Veralisa (Vee) ✅ Completed (Preview Uploaded)
  • Belladonna (Don) 80% (Arm Issue; WIP/On-Hold)
  • Evangeline (Eva) ✅ Completed (Preview Delayed)
  • Chrysah (Rys) WIP (Underway)
  • Illustration Phase 02B (Full-Coloured): Delayed to 2023-Q3
  • Live 2D Animation Phase 03 (Finalisation): Delayed to 2023-Q4
  • Voice Acting, Game Trailer & Music Video Production: Delayed to 2024++

Additional Notes:

  • I am closed to collabs until further notice; busy with book & Live2D project(s)
  • Cities Skylines Playthroughs delayed to April due to scheduling conflicts w/Honkai 3rd
  • Grand “Monthly Upload” Schedule for the year will be posted by April 2023
  • Dolphin IRL/Vlog Cancelled due to “no filming allowed”; funds diverted to existing projects

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