CONTENT SCHEDULE for Jan 2023, Week 03, 16th-22th

Main Channel:

  • Making fun of Finana’s Paid Gacha Rolls (Fri)


Extras Channel:

  • BRONYA’S MOM Cover / Shitpost (Thu)
  • 50/50 might have some old clips (Sat)
  • 50/50 might have some old clips (Sun)

Some Notes:

  • The “weekly” video schedule has been suspended to focus on bookwork
  • Videos will be released when it’s ready
    – Chinese New Year HIATUS / No Stream & Uploads (20th Jan to 3rd Feb)

WIP Main Channel (Jan thru Mar):

  • Honkai x Fall Guys
  • Room Tour for 2023 (Delayed to FEB due to luggage packing)
  • .45 ACP Pistol Carbine Conversion Video (Highlights)
  • ATV Ride FPS/POV Video (Highlights)
  • Operation Hourglass (WIP)
  • A SUSSY Video

WIP Extras Channel (Jan thru Mar):

  • Minecraft Highlights
  • Casio Illuminator Showcase
  • Pen Review
  • .45 ACP Pistol Carbine Conversion Video (Full VOD)
  • ATV Ride FPS/POV Video (Full VOD)
  • Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan S3 Mistakes

Masked Parapriestess Anime ED Progress:

  • Full Line Art Progress: 1 out of 4 Characters (25%)
  • Veralisa (Vee): OK
  • Belladonna (Don): WIP
  • Evangeline (Eva): WIP
  • Chrysah (Rys): WIP

  • Illustration Phase 02 (Full-Coloured): Delayed to 2023-Q2
  • Coloured Progress: 0 out of 4 Characters (0%)
  • Phase 03 (Live 2D): Delayed to 2023-Q3
  • VAs still pending re-evaluation; unknown if some have quit in 2023
  • Need to write: Voice lines and Narration only upon completion of Phase 03
  • Project MAY NOT debut on my 2nd Anniversary due to overruns
  • might be replaced with the New Bird Park Video in 4K (2023-Q2)