Why I must quit Twitch for YouTube and my upcoming Debut Novel, and stream less from now on or literally die for real. (CAA120922)

On Friday, 1800hrs (GMT +8), I blacked out during my military reservist fitness refresher and had a 5-second seizure according to the on-site medic.

Blood sugar level, heart rate and oxygen was normal/healthy; I am very sure this is due to the fatigue I’ve been fighting since August. (due to Tower of Fantasy and IRL Streams being uploaded back-to-back; working/editing/uploading even on the weekends–despite trekking about 12 kilometres for each IRL).

I have been contacted by several Warrant Officers of the Army Fitness Conditioning Centre to check-up on my condition, and while I am fine for now, they have suspended my remaining 4 fitness sessions for safety reasons, until I am considered healthy.

My reservist battalion will be booking a medical review under a military doctor for me down the line to see if this an underlying health issue.

With regards to my content creation “career”, I’ve decided to forgo everything and focus on the masked-parapriestess for the greater good.

I initially wanted to pull a Ninja and try multi-streaming, but looking at the bigger picture, I doubt I’ll have the time to stream a lot to justify the $16/month fees.

So, I’ll be doing a Pewdiepie, and I’ll be retiring from Twitch and “hardcore” content creation.

–because I’ve done it all and I too feel like:

“I don’t need to prove myself to anyone at this point.”

“I guess I’m a dead channel now” – PewDiePie Highlights

IRL Streams, RTX/Cosplay, streaming on release day and uploading within 48/72 hours;
I have done it and you’ve watched me do it.

Twitch Partner and a monetised YouTube Channel mean nothing to me at this point if my book does not kick off; and even then, I don’t wanna lose all the time I have editing everyday, or one day growing big to the point I am forced to stream 4-8 hours a day, 5 times a week.

My last twitch stream will be this Wednesday or Thursday for Tower of Fantasy v1.5, and then depending on my schedule and health, GTA V Marathon will be streamed on my YouTube main channel on the last week of September, because I am very passionate about its growth, compared to Twitch which seems to go nowhere.

After that, the next stream will be TOF v2.0, when that will be is God knows when.

Unfortunately, this means I’ll be relinquishing ALL my mod duties(even under Mudan)–even lurking, voluntary or forcing myself to as a VIP.

(I’m frankly quite tired from a lot of things under the table and a certain clipper that was never truly addressed officially; or thanked for)

Though this also means my mods will be released from their duties as well; many of us are busy anyways since post-pandemic and the return to school & beginning of university.

For Q4-2022 onwards, I will divert all time to writing my novel and working with /ruin/grande on the illustrations for the book’s music video. Same goes for Q1/Q2 of FY2023/24, because we’ll have Live2D for those 4 Characters and voice actors as per Thursday’s stream.

YouTube upload schedule will cease to exist, and I’ll upload/edit on whatever day I feel like, when it’s ready, and I probably won’t be tracking performance anymore, or announcing that I am editing it or posting it for the week. The bot(s) will do that for me; and for anyone that hits the bell button.

“I’d like to take this chance to apologize to… absolutely nobody.” –because I’ve gone above and beyond in every aspect as a “small creator” for 1 year, 4 months. I’ve got nothing left to prove on Twitch and YouTube, but a lot to prove for the bookshelves and literary agents. I gave everyone my time–put my life, my heart, body and soul on the firing line; and now, I’m taking it back. I wish I had more reach, but that has always been up to luck–and I don’t believe in luck, only hard work.

Endeavour Unto Victory.

I’ve given it my all to the point of collapse. There is nothing left to give.