Moving from YouTube Shorts to Traditional Shortform and Longform Videos | August 2022 Content Creation Summary (CAA060922) | VTuber HKSFMinerva

Tower of Fantasy Opening Week, IRL Streams at the Mandai Wildlife Reserve and RTX Cosplay Backlogs.
Was this the holy trinity of content creation? Maybe, but I have to move on. Q3 is closing and I need to prepare for Q4’s opening shots and then for FY2023/24. Time is short.

CTR Stabilised. I guess the Zoo and Elden Ring are saturated topics, but I can’t ask for anything beyond and will move on to the next phase of the “Grand Operation”. Views are down from Jul vs Aug due to the switch from YT Shorts to Traditional; watch time rose as a result.

What surprised me is the shorter time-lapse exploding. It’s good to know that doing the same video, in a different format might reap a better reward for the topic “cosplay/makeup”.

Also, even old footage from May can still bear a result.

Time in the market > Timing the market.
TLDR; consistency versus chasing trends (edited)

  1. In Jessica Nigri’s words(paraphrased from the Trash Taste Podcast):
    “It feels more like I took a big shit.”
  2. The Absolute LIMIT of my Twitch Prowess
  3. IRL: The Absolute LIMIT of my YouTube Prowess
  4. TOF: The Absolute LIMIT of my Reaction Prowess

Found the quote from Jessica Nigri on creating something feeling like giving birth / taking a big poop.