Burnout for Throneless II’s Deadline. (10.01.2022)

Passed out early. I gave it my all to execute THRONELESS II’s Debut; to ensure the “renovations” matched its immediate release, and to make sure it was contained within the first week of 2022.
I lost a week in December due to “Duties”. I need a break next week; as a replacement.

Before (End-2021) / After (Start-2022)

Phase 04 (A?)MV will be done by me(reluctantly), but it will take time–a lot of time. I’m impatient, so I doubt I will set the deadline as my anniversary(May).
New Intro? No clue; might not.
It’s a long-winded 5-min lore dump
just so everyone can tune in on time, plus pre-roll.

I envisioned it as an SFM/Blender; simple dropship arrival, and jump out into the fray.
But not all plans come into fruition, as seen by Phase 02 & 03 being rejected by 3rd Parties.

The HIA is mine / The channel is mine.
How can I call myself “High Commander” if I do not lead from the front? / I take ownership.

If my troops fail, I must charge the front and bleed for it. / It will cost me if others cannot deliver.