Twitlonger: I’m leaving VTubing. (181221)

HAH, Technical SIKE.

I’ll be leaving vtubing for 5 days;
By order of the nation, and by duty her people.
Christmas shall be upheld and defended.
A good soldier follows orders.

Caution: Roleplay & Lore Break Warning.
Scroll down only if you wish to see behind the curtain.

For Singaporeans and Permanent Residents, you know what this is; you need not waste time on this, but for my international audience, present and future, it is a “good to know” moving into 2022 because I’d still have 8 more of these in my short lifespan here on earth.

My 1st-Generation VIPs (Lt.Cols.) are already aware of the situation, so this is for everyone else.
I’ll be giving “the lore excuses” first, and then the “meta/IRL” statement after, so scroll down all the way to the bottom if you’re pressed for time, or hate reading.

In advance, I apologise for being unable to stream and collab for the whole of Christmas week.

Lore Statement:

Lieutenant-Colonels of the HIA, this is an early warning.
This will be disclosed to the public at a later date.

High Commander Minerva of the Hellion Intelligence Agency of the Nine United Provinces of the Hellion Empire, will be carrying out a Sustained Combat-Air-Patrol over ASEAN during Chirstmas Week to prevent a false-flag operation–the possibility of Saint Nicholas of Myra aka “Santa Claus” from being shot down by Extremist Forces of Heaven, and having the blame passed to the Empire of Hell; resutling in conflict.

Henceforth, she will be unavailable for COIN-OPS, during this joint peacekeeping operation with Purgatory DMZ and some neutral Observers of Heaven and the Afterlife.

A ceasefire will be in-effect before, during and after this period, of the “Onlyson’s” Birthday.”

Her Vice-Commander will also be unable to lead the HIA in her absence due to the parallel groundkeeping operations occurring at this time. The Officers of the HIA are therefore asked to sortie independantly against other foes or standdown during this period.


High Commander of the Hellion Intelligence Agency, High Council of Hellion Home Affiars

Official Explanation:

In some countries such as IsraelNorwayFinlandSingapore, and Switzerland, reservists are conscripted soldiers who are called up for training and service when necessary.

Sons who take up permanent residency under the sponsorship of their Permanent Resident parent, are required by law to serve National Service, just like Singaporean male citizens. The rationale is that they too enjoy the socio-economic national benefits of schooling and living in “peacetime” Singapore.[10] |

Random Picture for visualisation


I’ll still be gone for most of Christmas, with the exception of 1-2 hours of Christmas Carolling (TBA/TBC).

I’ll be back the following week for the Phasmophobia Christmas Update and maybe more Halo Infinite Campaign if I have not completed it by then; or… Fortnite lmao.

Update: Halo Infinite is a broken POS.

For those who have read to the end of this post, apologies for the clickbait, but I won’t lie when I say I have the desire or feeling that I could have done–but perhaps this will serve as motivation for 2022, leading up to my anniversary. I am only 7 months into VTubing after all; over-ambitious.

Also, my VTuber Lore & Official Soundtrack has been soft-launched, via Magroove, and I am trying to get it on Spotify and its equivalents by the New Year. (Ok nevermind, the damned song disappeared)

Disclaimer: I wrote and composed the song for the X Auditions;
this is a remaster done by a paid Fiverr Artist that has requested explicit anonymity.

I might have to put in some work for the AMV/Official Music Video in Jan-2022, (or outsource it),
but that’s a worry for another year…

It might face delays now that I am pivoting back into my main trade, writing and completing Draft-05AX of “The Masked Parapriestess” of the “Heavenly Kingdom Special Forces” Novel Series.