Salvo-02 Battle Damage Assessment (YouTube Shorts: Oct’21 Week 03 | 16k to 22.7k views | Thanks, Brazil?)

Despite my output on the 25th of October (Salvo-02) being inferior to Salvo-01, 6 shorts vs 12 shorts, a 50% drop in launch rate, to which I pushed out 1 short per day, rather than 2 shorts per day, for 6 days; the Salvo managed to land a lucky shot, “A CRIT” as deemed in gaming terms.

Even then, this is not a reliable hit, since this is reliant on the flawed expectation on luck; unreliable, Lady Luck is a thot.
The results therefore should ignore this particular video, and averages taken from the 5 other videos.

Regardless, the data gathered is interesting. Thanks, Brazil? The video ended up in Brazil for some reason.
But yeah, the Shorts Algo is hyper-aggressive and is the hard-carry.

But yeah, thank you Indonesia, Philippines, USA and Thailand, and well the whole list of countries;
Me and Ezzy do not know the “trigger-factor” for the algo, and are clueless.

Conclusion? Salvo Fire is effective, but do not rely on lucky hits.
Pseudo-Thumbnail is important, and just because 60 seconds is the max, it does not mean you have to make the short 59 secs.


Streamed for 113 hours in October, and another short broke 1k views.

  1. If we look at the analytics, it goes down
  2. [16:55]but if we look away, it goes up
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