[Original Song MV] Bells of Bakkanal (Piano) – VTuber Novel | A “Draft MV” for The Masked Parapriestess Original IP, a book I plan to publish as a VTuber. (Written and Composed by Me)

The final version in 2023 will have Live2d, voice actresses and narration. Please look forward to it.

A reminder that this is A DRAFT of what is planned for next year.
I still need to get the Live2D done and hire x4 VAs and x1 narrators.

Midnight Oil (20.03.2023)

I still have 1/4 of my 2nd cup of coffee from 5pm, so I guess I’ll burn the midnight oil and fix this “plot hole”.

Most likely I will have to exclude them from the scene and focus on the MC.

I guess in this book we get less naval action; pray it can get sequel(s) in the future.

CONTENT SCHEDULE: Mar’23 (Week 04), 20th-26th, GMT+8

Main Channel: Honkai Impact 3rd CHAPTER 35 PHASE 3 (Saturday 9pm)
Extras Channel: Army Open House 2022 & Honkai Impact Clips (Any day 9pm)

WIP Main Channel (March / End-Q1):

  • Unboxing HoYoFest 2022 x Honkai Impact 3rd Acrylic Stand (Delayed)
  • Some plans were delayed due to the release of “Da Capo” Acoustic Cover (Honkai 3rd)

WIP Extras Channel (March / End-Q1):

  • Army Open House 2022 Clips (Staggered w/Shorts)
  • Last Year’s RTX Minerva Apex Legends Tier List (Postponed)
  • Something Hilarious I discovered…? (Postponed)

Masked Parapriestess Original IP & Debut Novel
Anime ED Project & Live2D Character Banner Project

Full Line Art Progress: 1 out of 4 Characters (25%)

Deadline: End-Q1-2023 (To be revised and extended)

  • Veralisa (Vee) ✅ Completed (Preview Uploaded)
  • Belladonna (Don) 80% (Arm Issue; WIP/On-Hold)
  • Evangeline (Eva) ✅ Completed (Preview Delayed)
  • Chrysah (Rys) WIP (Underway)
  • Illustration Phase 02B (Full-Coloured): Delayed to 2023-Q3
  • Live 2D Animation Phase 03 (Finalisation): Delayed to 2023-Q4
  • Voice Acting, Game Trailer & Music Video Production: Delayed to 2024++

Additional Notes:

  • I am closed to collabs until further notice; busy with book & Live2D project(s)
  • Cities Skylines Playthroughs delayed to April due to scheduling conflicts w/Honkai 3rd
  • Grand “Monthly Upload” Schedule for the year will be posted by April 2023
  • Dolphin IRL/Vlog Cancelled due to “no filming allowed”; funds diverted to existing projects

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I’m Dumb. (20.03.2023)

Ahaha. I just realised a big-ass logical plot hole. If a 700m long warship is sunk at sea, you would need superhuman naval divers to locate and retrieve all 5000-7000 bodies. To then cremate all of them within a week is also Ludacris. And also, 7 ships sunk; so 24,000 bodies.

Honkai Impact 3rd OST – Da Capo | Acoustic Cover, Chords & Tutorial | Honkai Impact 3rd Animated Short: Graduation Trip

Note: Use CAPO 1 on the Guitar.

This is a cover of the OST used in the Honkai Impact 3rd Animated Short: Graduation Trip for Kiana Kaslana with chords included. There might be some inaccuracies, but this is the easiest way to play it; you may use more complex chords if necessary. (I’m not really good in the guitar while singing).

THE EPIC FINAL BATTLE – Chapter 35 Phase 2 Story Playthrough | Honkai Impact 3rd | VTuber VOD EP15

Story time. A five-year journey with these precious girls is coming to an end…

=== Timestamps / SKIP INTRO ===
0:00 Intro
2:42 The Finale Begins
22:19 Ai-Hyperion aka Ai-Chan Appears
27:19 “We” thank Ai Chan For This Game
29:44 Kiana Enters The Bridge of the Hyperion for the last time?
35:11 HARD MODE / Start of Space Battle
41:40 BOSS PHASE 1
49:75 BOSS PHASE 2
1:01:08 “BOSS” PHASE 3
1:03:57 Goodbye, Kevin and the Flamechasers
1:15:39 Kiana returns from the edge & begins her goodbyes
1:50:55 The “Honkai Starrail” Train Comes (JK) / End of Chapter 35 Phase 2
1:55:13 My Captain’s Logbook from Kiana / 5 Years of Memories
2:02:35 Ending with the Graduation Trip Animated Short
2:09:55 End Stream / My VTuber Lore & Outro

=== Covered in this stream ===
▶ Chapter 35 Phase 2

=== Chronology ===
▶ Previous Stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnFeLa8c2C4
▶ Honkai Impact 3rd Stream Playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmp__Okibw9WUL4zcl0j4G0XfRycqy5XS

=== Future Streams: ===
▶ Chapter 35 Phase 3 (24th March, Friday)

KIANA’S FINAL FORM – Chapter 35 Phase 1 Story Playthrough | Honkai Impact 3rd | VTuber VOD EP14

Story time. A five-year journey with these precious girls is coming to an end…
=== Timestamps / Skip Intro 8:33 ===
▶ 0:00 Intro (Video Being Trimmed)
▶ 8:33 5 Hours of Story
▶ 5:04:55 Gacha Rolls
▶ 5:14:30 Outro

=== Covered in this stream ===
▶ Toward A New Tomorrow
▶ Chapter 35 Phase 1

=== Chronology ===
▶ Previous Stream:

▶ Honkai Impact 3rd Stream Playlist:

• Honkai Impact 3rd…

=== Future Streams: ===
▶ Chapter 35 Phase 2 (16th March, Thursday)
▶ Chapter 35 Phase 3 (24th March, Friday)

Leopard 2 SG Main Battle Tank – Singapore Armed Forces (Upgraded 2A4)

My Main Channel / Full Video is HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nlVyteyulCg
(Recorded at the Singapore Army Open House 2022)
This is my 2nd Channel where I post whatever I want for fun.

The Singapore Army acquired 96 ex-German Leopard 2A4s, including 30 spare tanks. A number were upgraded with additional AMAP composite armour in 2010 by IBD Deisenroth and ST Kinetics and renamed Leopard 2SG in October 2010.